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"Intelligent Monitor" Project

Tools for error detection in various kinds of computer networks have been well known and for a long time now and are widely used by system users and maintenance people. Such tools are referred to as protocol analyzers, protocol testers or protocol monitors depending on the manufacturer. Somewhat simplified, they help to answer questions like:

Systeme A und B
"Why does the interconnection between systems A and B fail to work as expected?"

Up to now the function of these tools basically consists in recording and symbolically displaying all or some of the data exchanged over a communication link. However, the task of isolating the cause of a malfunction that might have been observed is largely left to the user of the test equipment. This person may have to struggle through huge amounts of logged network traffic.

The "Intelligent Monitor" project within the Real Time Systems & Robotics group is to investigate ways of overcoming this untimely division of labour between the measuring equipment and its user. Our objective is a faster, more reliable and less expensive detection of errors and their causes in distributed data processing and digital communications.

Contact person: Marek Musial

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