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Some short clips of autonomous flights are available below. All of them have been shot during the 2005 experiments.

Video 1 (22 MB)
Marvin flying the figure eight at 5 m/s.

Video 2 (40 MB)
Marvin landing. The I-am-autonomus-LEDs are highly visible since the flight was done at dusk.

Video 3 (39 MB)
Marvin igniting its engine, starting, flying backwards and hovering.

Video 4 (5 MB)
Marvin hovering and moving its camera. Somewhen, the blimp Karma is bypassing.

Video 5 (11 MB)
Marvin hovering and approaching carefully during supervision of a fire.

Video 6 (32 MB) Video 7 (13 MB)
Marvin landing again and again.

All clips are encoded using Xvid and can be played on a system with an installed Xvid (Codec for Windows probably here), Divx or another compatible Decoder.

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