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Multi-purpose Aerial Robot Vehicle with Intelligent Navigation
An Autonomously Operating Flying Robot

Marvin MarkII in autonomous flight

Marvin is a flying autonomous robot and UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle). Seen above is one of the two currently existing Marvin MarkII (MarkII) helicopters in autonomous flight. The picture was taken in May 2005 during the final demonstration of the COMETS project which was the home of the Marvin project from 2002-2005. The COMETS project was more focused on the use of autonomous systems than the systems itself. Nevertheless, MarkII has been developed as the successor of the former Marvin helicopter system and has a lot in common with the old system. The design has been upgraded where necessary and higher integration has been reached to improve the reliability of the system.

The MarkII prototypes:

are based on a commercially available model helicopter

have a second generation system design

use a bunch of electronic equipment for autonomous flight and self protection in an integrated box for all the electronics

possibly some payload like the image acquisition system

have videos and fotos been made of them

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