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AD2000 Millennial Event - International Aerial Robotics Competition Photo Gallery

This is a compilation of photos from the AD2000 Millennial Event and its qualifiers held at the Department of Energy's HAMMER facility.

The following four photo sets are large (approximately 1 MB each).

The Location
Shows the props used to simulate the aftermath of a major disaster. Also shown is the real disaster that almost caused the Millennial Event to be cancelled!

The Animatrons
Shows the synthetic humans created by Robert Michelson to safely simulate survivors amid the hazards of the competition arena.

The Aerial Robots
Take a look at some of the aerial platforms created by the various teams in an attempt to perform the Millennial Event mission. These range from rotary and fixed wing machines, to powered lift devices that defy description— you will simply have to see the pictures.

The Winners
Meet the winners of the International Aerial Robotics Competition's Millennial Event and see the type of equipment used to complete all facets of the mission flawlessly (also contained here are some hints about how any team can put itself in a winning position for upcoming competitions).

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