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Marvin MarkII Specifications


Overall dimensions

Length: 2.17 m (including rotors), 1.58 m (fuselage)
Height: 0.64 m
Width: 0.58 m (landing gear), 0.325 m (eBox), 0.22 m (fuselage)
Weight (including image acquisition system): 12.67 kg, ready to fly
Fuel capacity: 0.65 l
Fuel consumption: 1 l/h

Flight performance

Max. time of flight: 30 min due to fuel capacity
Cruising speed: 4 m/s
Max. speed: 14 m/s
Max. wind tested ever: 10 m/s
Max. safe flying height: 50 m
Max. safe flying range: 200 m (both due to visibility for the security pilot)


Engine: Zenoah G230RC, 23 ccm, 2-stroke, 1 cylinder, 1,84 kW @ 12500 rpm
Fuel: Normal, unleaded gasoline, mixed with oil (50:1)

1. On-Board Computer (mandatory)

CPU: Infineon C167 16-Bit microcontroller @ 24 MHz
ROM: 512 kB external flash
RAM: 1024 kB external SRAM
C167-IOs: 111 General Purpose I/Os, 16 analog input, 1 serial RS232 for programming
Additional: 4 RS232 on separate chip connected to the C167
PCB: custom-made carrier board for commercial module by Frenzel+Berg

2. On-Board Computer (optional)

Single Board Computer by compulab, Israel
CPU: System on a chip National Semiconductor Geode SC2200 @ 266 MHz (now property of AMD)
ROM: 128 MB Flash
IOs: 5 RS232, 2 USB Host, 1 VGA, 1 Video-Out, 2 PC-Card, 2 PS/S, PC104+-Connector, 1 IDE, 8 low resolution AD
Flash Drive: 512 MB

Other On-board components

GPS: Novatel RT-2 OEM-4GL or OEM-3
GPS-Antenna: Novatel GPS-532 or GPS-512
Camera: Canon PowerShot S45 (optional)
Ultrasonic Rangefinder: Senscomp Series 600
Flame sensor: Hamamatsu UV-Tron
Temperature sensor: SMT 160-30
Voltage monitor: custom-made
IMU: custom-made
Compass: custom-made
Power supply: custom-made

Radio Links - Air

Low bandwidth: Hoeft+Wessel DECT module, 105 kBit/s
Antenna: External omni directional antenna
High bandwidth (optional): Buffalo AirStation WLI-CB-G54A, wireless LAN, 54 MBit/s, used bandwidth: 400 kBytes/s
Antenna: External omni directional antenna

Radio Links - Ground

Low bandwidth: Hoeft+Wessel DECT module, 105 kBit/s
Antenna: External omni directional antenna
High bandwidth: Netgear WG302, wireless LAN Access point, 54 MBit/s
Antenna: External pointing sector antenna

1. Battery

For remote control receiver and servos
Voltage: 4.8 Volt
Capacity: 1800 mAh
Endurance: 120 minutes
Weight: 170 g
Technology: NiCd

2. Battery

For starter
Voltage: 9.8 Volt
Capacity: 700 mAh
Endurance: 1 day
Weight: 160 g
Technology: NiMh

3. Battery

For all hardware components
Voltage: 11.1 Volt
Capacity: 3000 mAh
Endurance: 90 minutes
Weight: 200 g
Technology: LiPo

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