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Room 5: In the United States - IARC 1999 in Richland, WA

Image 1

Main Entrance to HAMMER

Image 2

Training Buildings at HAMMER

Image 3

The Competition Area (without competition)

Image 4

Find those drums!

Image 5

Find this victim!

Image 6

Southern Polytechnic State University

Image 7

Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology

Image 8

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Image 9

University of British Colombia

Image 10

In the Competition: The University of Waterloo

Image 11

In the Competition: DeVry-Calgary

Image 12

Unpacking and reassembling MARVIN in the night June 21st to June 22nd, 1999, pool-area of the hotel

Image 13

First test flight of MARVIN at HAMMER, Tuesday 22nd of June 1999

Image 14

Setting up a shade for the team members

Image 15

Simon Fraser University

Image 16

MARVIN in flight at HAMMER

Image 17

A victim to find?

Image 18

In the high bay area at HAMMER, TU Berlin's table

Image 19

MARVIN is resting

Image 20

Improving the flame sensor of MARVIN

Image 21

Training area with MARVIN

Image 22

Team Reception on Wednesday 23rd of June 1999

Image 23

Team Reception: Announcing the Static Judging Score

Image 24

In the Competition: MARVIN is operating

Image 25

In the Competition: Refueling MARVIN

Image 26

In the Competition: MARVIN is finding a drum

Image 27

The TU Berlin's Competition Team 1999

Image 28

The TU Berlin's tent during the competition

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