HTML Ada83 LRM Creation and Credits

Special Thanks To

Lionel Cons'
Creator of the fine texi2html that was used in version 1.0 of the HTML LRM.
Larry Wall
Author of PERL, the Practical Extraction and Report Language, which made the required high-octane pattern matching and string replacement much easier.
Magnus Kempe
Maintainer of the Ada WWW Server at EPFL for the nifty picture of Ada Lovelace.
Ada Joint Program Office
Provider of the raw text of the LRM and the usage statement that allows this hyper-document to be created. A fine model for other endeavors, IMHO.


This HTML Ada83 LRM was generated by passing the source of the LRM through various custom perl scripts written by which added HTML annotations to the file.

Processing was accomplished in these steps:

  1. Place HTML anchors at appropriate points and add HTML cross-references.
  2. Detect and format examples, enumerated lists, bulletted lists, tables, and reference blocks.
  3. Split the single HTML document into separate chapters and fix references.
  4. Sub-divide the still huge index into sub-chapter files.

File Layout

Division of the LRM was necessary due to it's size. The LRM is split into the following parts:
Chapter files numbered 00 to 15.
Sub-sections for each chapter.
Main entry point for the index.
File for individual sections of the index.
The rest of the index.
The forward. Sections within each chapter file have anchors which are named the same as the section number. For example LRM section 3.2 has an HTML anchor named "3.2". An URL can be constructed to jump to any section in the LRM, simply append a reference to the appropriate anchor to a reference to the appropriate chapter/subsection file. As an example the aforementioned LRM section 3.2 could be accessed with the URL "lrm-03-02.html#3.2", and section 3.2.1 could be accessed with "lrm-03-02.html#3.2.1".

Changes from 2.3 to 2.4

Changes from 2.2 to 2.3

Changes from 2.1 to 2.2